Your basement is all that stands between floodwater, rainwater, melting snow and your most valued possessions. Protect it with waterproofing and you’ll sleep soundly, knowing you’ve done everything you can to safeguard your home. We here to fortify your home's foundation.

We Do It Right The First Time

If you are like the average homeowner, you aren’t exactly sure what waterproofing a basement entails. This is a job best done by the pros. Our specialists have provided dry basement solutions to thousands of properties throughout the greater New Jersey area. Place your trust in us and we’ll install the perfect system for your home that stands the test of time.

We take pride in getting the job done right on the first try, every single time with zero exceptions. We're also based throughout the entirety of NJ, meaning we are a short drive from your home.

Get a quote from us and you’ll find that our prices are highly competitive. More importantly, our work ethic and quality is unmatched.

Why Choose Us

Experience is the name of the game. As is often said, you pay for what you get. Choose us and you’ll get every penny’s worth. We have more than 25 years of experience waterproofing NJ basements of all types and sizes.

We complement fair pricing and high-quality work with friendly, professional service. Our service is fast, convenient and most importantly, effective for the long haul. Your investment today is the gift that continues to give in the years and decades ahead.

Our service range includes northern, southern and central New Jersey. We also protect our customers' homes from basement water damage throughout the Jersey Shore. Schedule an analysis including a free quote, and we’ll help you decide on the optimal waterproofing solution for your property.

What Is It?

Waterproofing technology has advanced to the point that we now provide specialized service and distinct features. The overarching goal is to protect your basement with a professional and efficient finish.

Let our team take care of your water intrusion issues, and we’ll do everything possible to prevent it from infiltrating your home’s lowest level. This way, if there is a harsh storm, coastal flooding or another buildup that increases the water table beneath the lower level, your property will be fully protected.

While one might try to pump water out of their basement at first, a more permanent solution will be necessary (and smart, too).

Basement waterproofing strengthens your property’s foundation, ultimately providing an invaluable peace of mind. Perhaps more importantly, it prevents damage to your most valuable asset in your home, saving you money through damage prevention.

The last thing you need is the financial burden of structural damage from flooding that jeopardizes the integrity of your only line of defense against mother nature’s wicked wrath.

We guarantee that the days of water leaks in your basement after heavy rain are gone.

How It Works

Structural waterproofing is exactly as it sounds in that it adds to the “bones” of the home, protecting them with essential barriers against rain, flooding water, melting snow and other forms of moisture. The addition of such membrane barriers impedes the flow of water, redirecting it away from your home.

We even go as far as creating tailored systems for individual homes. Our comprehensive solutions cover:

  • Interior moisture control
  • Exterior water prevention
  • Drainage along the interior and exterior of the home

Our exterior moisture control prevents water that is outside the home from moving down into the basement. Protection takes the form of membranes and polymers added to wall exteriors. It can also include subterranean trench drain installation.

Interior drainage is less disruptive as there is no need for excavating part of the exterior. Often synonymous with French drains, it requires the creation of a trench on the lower level floor perimeter to add a drain and sump pump for efficient water removal.

Modern systems work in unison with concealed drainage channels that collect water from wall leaks and also the areas where floors adjoin with walls. It is then redirected to the sump pump that sends it through an underground pipe, far away from your property.

Basement waterproofing can also include the use of epoxy and sealant injections, sometimes used in combination with protective foam. Though such injections are not permanent solutions, they are added to the walls to stop water seepage.

Why It's Important

Weather is becoming more extreme and unpredictable with each passing day. Land inevitably shifts when there is heavy rain, meaning even a seemingly safe location in Central Jersey or another part of the state can become vulnerable in a couple years or even a couple months.

Waterproofing is also beneficial to your health, that of your family and even your pets. The prevention of moisture down into the basement prevents the growth of mildew, mold and dampness, each of which is a direct threat to human and pet health. This is in addition to damage caused by water. In fact, water damage is one of the top reasons homeowners file claims with their home insurance. For more information, check out our water damage statistics page.

Our solutions are also revered by New Jersey residents for its odor prevention. No one should smell a musty, dank odor when descending their steps to do the laundry, grab something from the freezer or check the sump pump.

The end result is a fresh-smelling and dry environment that doesn’t contribute to or cause headaches, asthma and nausea.

What It Costs

There is a common misconception that it costs tens of thousands of dollars to waterproof a basement. The truth is most New Jersey homeowners typically spend a couple thousand dollars.

The cost of the project is determined by several factors:

  • The size of the basement
  • Whether the foundation has already suffered damage
  • The amount of dampness already present
  • Extent of the waterproofing desired by the homeowner

If you are still hesitant to spend your hard-earned money, take a moment to envision the potential damage to your belongings and the home’s structural integrity.

It merely takes one instance of flooding to damage the entirety of the lower level, including the foundation. Such a nightmare scenario has the potential to cost you much more to repair than one-time investment.

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