About Us

Welcome to BSMT Waterproofing! Our story began what may sound familiar to many homeowners out there. Our founder, Alex, bought his first home in New Jersey, and he was proud and living the American Dream.

However, not too long after, that great feeling took an unexpected turn. Following some heavy rain in his area, he was faced with a common yet scary sight: water seeping through the basement walls.

Water leak in basement in New Jersey

Actual photo of basement in founder’s first home.

The frustration and stress of not knowing what to do next, whom to call, or how much it would cost to fix the water issue was overwhelming.

It was around this time that Alex realized he wasn’t alone, and that there are many homeowners who have had similar experiences. Water in the basement is a serious problem, and finding a reliable, cost-effective solution can be confusing and stressful.

Determined to make it easier for others to connect with top basement waterproofing companies, and save money in the process by compariing different quotes, he founded bsmtwaterproofing.com

At BSMT Waterproofing, we understand the importance of protecting your home and peace of mind, and keeping your basement dry for your and your family’s health.

We welcome your feedback! Let us know how we’re doing, and which features you’d like to see added in the near future.